Twirl Girls 2010 1st AtlCoach Wendy

Wendy began baton twirling at the age 6 with Georgia’s Youth on Parade (GYOP).  She won her first State Championship at the age of 10 years old, and her first National Championship at the age of 13 years old.  Throughout  her youth, Wendy won numerous State and Regional Championships in one, two, and three baton twirling competitions.  She enjoyed feature performances at Atlanta Falcons and Hawks games.  She performed in most major parades throughout Atlanta, Tennessee, and Florida including the annual Orange Bowl Parade in Miami.

Wendy was the feature majorette at North Clayton High School, and won All Star Ovation’s Twirling Camp Title 3 years consecutively.  During high school, she also served as the feature twirler for Morris Brown College.  While performing with Morris Brown, she traveled and participated in the Rose Bowl Parade and the College Battle of the Bands in Pasadena, California.

Wendy attended South Carolina State University for her undergraduate degree, and served as Feature Baton Twirler for the Marching “101” Band n a joint Band and Academic Scholarship.  Throughout her tenure, Wendy performed at College Battle of the Bands in South Carolina and Atlanta.  She also performed in the Black College Championship at the Georgia Dome and the Caroline Panthers Ericsson Stadium.  Wendy’s halftime feature would include three batons, fire, and sword twirling.  She prides herself in also being a lifetime member of the “Champagne” dance squad with South Carolina State University.

Upon completing her Master’s degree in Washington DC, Wendy began coaching with Georgia’s Youth on Parade.  She then began hosting the “Twirl Girls” youth camp at her Alma Mater South Carolina State University and presenting a scholarship in her camp’s name.  Wendy is excited to bring “Twirl Girls” to her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.  While conducting summer camps and twirling classes Coach Wendy found time to earn another title as Dr. Wendy by completing her Doctoral degree.

Twirl Girls 2010 1st AtlOn March 5, 2014, Coach Wendy was honored by the State of Georgia as the Women’s History Month Community Servant for hosting camps in three states over five years and raising nearly 15,000 in scholarship money.